Tutorial videos

Many times, explainer videos need to shift focus from engagement and just attracting the attention of the audience to full tutorial mode of how something works. Most commonly this is true for online services, new online features of a website, e-commerce, UX explanation, step-by-step guide…etc.

Tutorial videos are videos that combine the background, some illustrations (like screen placeholders) and actual screenshots of a client’s service or product to show the flow that the audience needs to understand.

When doing these videos, scripts are often written by the clients as they are the ones who know exactly which workflow they need to show and all the features to include.

Tutorial videos start off from $895 in our offer, for a 2 min. video with script and screenshots being provided by the client. However, these videos can go much longer and the final price depends on the full needs of the client. Please contact us for the full, custom quote.