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If you’re on this page, you probably already know what an explainer video is. You’re probably more interested in learning what the production process looks like.

Why do I even need an explainer video?

Steve Jobs said it almost ten years ago, “People don’t read anymore”. This is especially true online. When a visitor lands on your homepage, you have less than a minute to grab their attention. You have to use the time to get your message across in an entertaining way.

That’s where explainer videos work their magic. They are designed to tell your story, capture your visitor’s attention and keep them engaged while delivering a perfect elevator pitch about your idea, product, or service in a simple, yet entertaining way.

Videos can help you tell great stories by creating an emotional bond between you and your viewer. They target real people and generate genuine emotions to build a real connection with your audience. A great video production company will do their very best to provide you with videos that are specially crafted for your specific target audience and marketing goals.

The Process

The entire success of the production process rests on communication. If you are able to effectively communicate what your needs, likes, and dislikes are, there is absolutely no way you’ll come out dissatisfied at the end of the explainer video production process.

We’ve been doing this for quite a while now and experience has shown that splitting the production into different stages works best. What follows are the stages that we use here at Solutium.

The Information Stage

When the production process starts, depending on the style of video you’ve chosen, the project manager will send you two Q&As to fill out. One helps us understand your business/product/service better, and the other one helps us develop the visuals later on.

animated video production

Since it’s sometimes difficult to write down and narrow the scope of information you want to present, we usually arrange a meeting to discuss further. Even though we prepare for the meeting by analyzing your Q&A, we like to talk to you to give you a chance to go over the more important details in person.

This is the perfect time to tell us what you want emphasized. But also what you would like to avoid.

The Message Stage

This is where we let our scriptwriters shine. Based on all the information we’ve collected, we go to work and create the first draft.

The script has to deliver the right message in a clear and compelling way. It should align with both the marketing goals and target audience. Since the script is one of the most important parts of the video, we make sure to revise it to get it to perfection. This is also the stage in which we record the voice over and set the pace of the video.

The Visual Stage

This is where we show you how your script will flow in the video and what is going to happen in it. We create a rough sketch of it – a storyboard. After you are happy with the concept of the video, we start working on highly detailed illustrations.

Because you filled out the Q&As at the beginning of the process, we know what style you like and what you would like to see.

The Motion Stage

This is the final stage of explainer video production. Since we have all of the elements ready, we start putting them together and animating. When you are happy with the movements, we only need to do one more thing. The final touch is adding background music and sound effects to set the mood of the video.


Now that you know what the process is, you are ready to begin! Not only will you explain what your business does, you will also tell your brand story with it.

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