myths about explainer video

The use of explainer videos have been a growing trend. After all, not only are they simple and effective but they are also engaging as well. They allow one to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. So, we are here to discuss 20 myths about it, about explainer video.

  1. An animation video should be serious. – Surely, it talks about your company and it is something that you shouldn’t joke about. Don’t forget to use humor to make it more fun for no one would ever want to watch a plain boring video.
  2. An animation explainer video is only for kids. – Animation is a form of art that people of all ages love. It also grabs the attention of the viewer much faster.
  3. Number of views is an important success metric. – Remember that your goal here is not to get a lot of views but to get some sales or conversions. Your task is to get people interested to find out more.
  4. Using humor is the best way to acquire more views. – We have said before that it’s a good thing to use your humor. Sometimes using humor may not do the trick, especially if your goal is to trigger emotions from your viewers.
  5. They are expensive. – They are not cheap, however considering the cost of doing a full video production for commercials, animation explainer videos are both cheaper and, at times, more effective in online use.
  6. Adding a call to action is a must. – Nowadays, people can tell if you are forcing them to do something or not. Giving them value and talking about a solution to their pain point can keep them coming back by themselves.
  7. You can only get results by having viral videos. – Your videos don’t need to be viral. Just make sure that they capture the attention of your target audience.
  8. It is time consuming to create a video. – If you don’t have the time to do it, then you can just simply hire an expert to do it for you.
  9. You have nothing worth sharing. – Just the fact that you are a business alone means that you have something to share to people. You solve a problem, tell your audience how you do that.
  10. Your business needs to include all the features. – For sure, you would want to include all of your product or service’s features. Keep in mind that your business videos should be short, to the point and with one clear message.
  11. Special effects are the only things that makes it cool. – Special effects can look fun, but the message matters more.
  12. It can only be used for generating leads. – Aside from generating leads, explainer video can also provide your target audience information about your company or educate them.
  13. It is hard to make. – In a professional production, you only need to think about what you do best – your business, and communicate well with your production team.
  14. Shorter videos are better. – When it comes to explainer videos, quality content should come first. Remember, you are explaining things, not doing a promo spot – optimal length is 1-2 min.
  15. The best platform for your business video is YouTube. – YouTube is one of the most common video hosting platforms, but there are alternatives such as Vimeo, Wistia or other that offer other features you might need.

So, the next time that you would be working on your custom made business video – explainer video, don’t believe everything that you hear from other people for some of them might just be another myth.

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