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If you are a marketer, and you prefer to stay on top of the trendies strategies and learn the best practices.

Here are the 15 best blogs to follow:

  1. Tubular Insights – Tubular Insights is the world’s top and leading resource for tips, trends, analysis, and news for internet and online video marketing industries.
  2. Vidyard – Vidyard is a blog, which always keeps you on your toes along with the recent posts on analytics, optimization and video strategy.
  3. Magnet Media Films – Magnet Media Films is a video production, strategy, and optimization agency. The mix of the motion graphics and written word makes this blog a very attractive one.
  4. Unruly – Unruly is a blog, which concentrates on short-form video and utilizing social to enhance video efficiency.
  5. Distilled – On the other hand, Distilled is an excellent marketing blog. This focuses on video; however, you can bet that some categories such as SEO, web analytics, and mobile.
  6. Video Marketing 2.0 – A great set of podcasts, which includes tips, best practices, and trends in digestible bites.
  7. Wistia Blog – This blog is one of the leaders in the video analytics and hosting the world. It includes useful content on both parts of the equation like how to create a video and things to do after it.
  8. Vimeo Blog – Vimeo has countless of excellent content, both for marketers, business people, and filmmakers.
  9. HubSpot – This blog site is no doubt one of the huge juggernauts in the content marketing world, and while they do not exclusively concentrate on video, they have a robust set of guides, tidbits, blog posts and more on the topic of video, which guides you to see the importance of video.
  10. Marketing Profs – Another big name in the marketing blog space, normally with a more focus on B2B than B2C. While you can search articles on any sort of topic, there’s a wonderful collection of video strategy and video marketing related ones.
  11. Think With Google – Did you know that Google keeps a strong blog with a section emphasized on video? It gleans lots of visions from the treasure trove of data, which is YouTube. There are more thrilling case studies here as well.

Video marketing and video production can seem to stress if you have never done it before. However, with this list of best blogs and sites, is a reliable way to get up to speed on best trends, practices, and examples within the industry.

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